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Merry Xmas… Late Belated season greetings

Merry Christmas folks…


I think I couldn’t be a blogger if wouldn’t be late on my editorial plan…
I had planned to publish an article with some deep reflections of mine as a gift for you beloved readers, but I obviously ended up being absorbed by celebrations, last minute gifts and infinite meals (don’t forget I’m Italian). I’ve also been hanging out with friends who live around the world, and that I get to see only during major holidays.

New Year Resolutions

The list below, represents a middle ground between contents that I’ve been procrastinating and good purposes of publishing for the New Year.

  • First of all, I announce you that, in January, I will renovate the structure of “Leave! The Dream “: I will reduce the menu by merging a few sections, in order to make the site a little more User Friendly. I already have a vision in my mind, but if you have any advice, request or even criticism, they are more than welcome.
  • Twenty-twenty will also salute the implementation of a newsletter, to inform you when a new article is released.
  • A new editorial plan for the @leave_the_dream account on Instagram, which will mainly focus on the people I interview for the “Living The Dream” section.
    This evolution derives from the discussion I had with David Ingiosi about the fact that, at the end of the story, the people are what really matter.
  • Leave The Dream now also has a Twitter account, with a completely different editorial plan from any other LTD account: simple photographic comments to the main news about Italian politics. Due to the subject, it’s in Italian only, sorry.
  • Location card for Portugal and Northern Brazil: Cearà, Piauì and Maranhao.
  • The first interview with a girl for the “Living The Dream” section, and the first interview with a couple, who will inaugurate the “traveling couples” sub-section. Surprise…
  • New articles about travel gear and accessories to take on the road, divided into categories.
  • The very first guest post, written by my bro Feel. If you’d like to write a post for “Leave! The Dream” just contact me! I never thought about LTD as a solitary claptrap exclusively from myself.
  • The gift post mentioned above, I would say by the end of the year.
  • Care less and less about SEO.

The story behind the Cover picture

2009, I’m in Margaret River – Australia, which I had been traveling for like 7 months on a Working Holiday Visa.

At the time, I wasn’t yet a Kite Instructor, and I mainly supported my travels by working as a barista in a tiny hotel that looked like a dollhouse, and as waiter in a pretty stylish pizzeria where pizzas were named after gangsters movies. The photo is from the pizzeria’s Christmas party; that evening I took advantage of the general euphoria to tell the owner that I would have spent Christmas with my relatives in Freemantle, and that I would return for New Year’s Eve, after a trip in the desert till Kalgoorlie-Boulder with my friend Alessio. A few days later, the boss was shocked to notice that I was leaving. I replied firmly that I had already told him at the Xmas party. His response was simply:

“I was pist”
(tipsy in Australian)

but, correctly, he let me go.

Merry Christmas to all, thank you for the time you dedicated to this eclectic little website of mine.

With love,

Grillo ??

Grillo Christmas travel blog
I wonder why my shirt looks so greasy…


This article contains my heartfelt season greetings, and therefore is not optimized for SEO.

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