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Portugal One Way Off to Porto Tonight!

I believe this couldn’t be a travel blog if I wouldn’t travel often… ?
Next destination ->Portugal

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One way ticket, the way I like it ?

I will arrive in Portugal around midnight tonight, flying to Porto because I’ve found the tickets for € 23 on Ryanair, departing from Treviso. Train tickets from Trieste to Treviso (2h ride) costed about the same…

With me, four years after the last trip together, my father, with whom I haven’t taken a flight since the 90’s. Right now I find him sitting in front of me on the train, consulting recipes on facebook, and I find myself wondering if we have ever taken a train together before… maybe not.

You can follow my journey step by step through the stories on Levave! The dream‘s instagram account.

Can’t wait to meet all the friends scattered around the coast of beautiful Portugal, and share some waves together. ?❤️


Cover by Everardo Coelho, the flag is a wikicommon.

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