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Have You ever questioned Yourself about Your Life?

Have You ever wondered what it would really be like to pursue your passions and “Live The Dream?”

Collecting and telling inspiring stories of people who succeeded in fulfilling their dreams and living out their passion has been a major motivation for starting a Travel Blog. An Idea I first had years ago.

In this section, I will interview some interesting characters I had the pleasure of meeting during my Journeys. It’s about friendship, it’s about changing life, it’s about struggling for the pursuit of happiness, every day of your Life, finding your own way and not giving up.
In these interviews, I will ask them for their best Travel Tips, and the Highlights and Downsides of Living The Dream. 

I hope this section will help you in understanding what it means to live for your passion, the truth behind the sometime abused expression “Living the Dream”.

Click on Traveling People for interviews with Solo Travelers and Characters.

Chose Traveling Couples for some double interviews. (Coming Soon).