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The life of a Kitesurfing and Surfing Instructor. Ins and outs of a lifestyle often seen as “perfect”.

I’ve been talking for years  about having enough stories to put in a book, this blog might be my first step toward this, ahah!*

In this section, I will share bits of advice about how to learn Kitesurfing and Surfing in the best possible way. I will explain how to become an instructor, and will tell some funny stories about things that happened during lessons. I will also host funny stories from fellow instructors that I met along my Journey, including other sports.**

Click on Teach and Learn Kitesurfing if you want to learn about the sport or if You want to become an Instructor. I will also cover news from the Industry when relevant.

Choose Funny Stories for some hilarious anecdotes directly from my life as an Instructor, and similar stories from fellow Instructors that have met or worked with.


*If you work at a film studio, send me a message, I also have an Idea for the screenplay of a movie… XD

**If you’re an Instructor with a funny story to tell, drop a message If you would like to contribute! :D