Thank you in different languages


I would like to say thanks to…

First of all Jacinta, my trusted copy editor, without whom the English version of this travel blog could not exist. The translation of this page will not pass under her hands to surprise her, I hope it’s not going to be so evident to the readers.

Esa, my graphic designer of choice..

Matt Pancer, whose suggestions have been crucial for the final choice of the lettering in the logo, and who also replied to my questions for the very first interview of the “Living the dream” section.

Elena Rabbit Ferragni Lamborghini De Ferraris, who never denied a suggestion or a quick proofread when I needed it.

All those who have allowed me to use their photos or images for this blog (Later, I will find a way to quote and thank you one by one).

Save, who several times procured me some pics I needed. We haven’t seen each other for years, but when it snows we always text each other. 😉

Mickey, my partner in Infinity Digital and in other adventures online and offline since long time ago. Our first website together was independent punkzine, a webzine dedicated to punk rock music, which we carried on while at university, ca 2002.

All the freelancers I employed for various jobs required for the site and for the contents.

Matteo, my trusted physiotherapist who, along many years of sporting and crashes, put me back on track several times. During every session he kept asking me “So, when are you gonna publish the blog?”.

Jason, Johnny, Marchella, Laura, Andrea, Nicoletta, and all those who read my articles or saw the site in preview and gave me an opinion.

Feel, that I have no reason to thank for this blog, but it was gonna feel strange not to include him on this page (oh yea, maybe he had a preview as well).

Giopope, Iv, Lazyboy, Setipuzza and all the others with whom we used to blog on Splinder back in the days. My first blog was, started before leaving for my Erasmus exchange in 2006, when Facebook was still not yet widespread in Italy. I recently found it on the wayback machine and it read so genuine.

My parents, who I got worried more than once, but who transmitted me the passion for traveling since I was a child.

All the colleagues and friends with whom I shared random accommodations, trips, sport sessions and fun, exciting and epic moments. Sometimes you get to know people you feel in great harmony with, then unfortunately you separate and don’t see eachother for years, but the real reason is just the distance.

As I already wrote in the final thanks of my graduate thesis:

My thought goes out to all those who look at the top of the mountains, the leaves of trees and the surface of the sea always waiting for something. The World is ours.

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