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A trip of less than a month is a long Weekend A Long Trip can be much cheaper than a short one

“A trip of less than a month is a long Weekend” is one of my classic sayings about traveling. But don’t see it as dissing on those who can afford to travel only during holidays. Don’t make the mistake of confusing a journey with a holiday.

You can travel for many reasons: for work, for taking a seasonal job, to study, to follow the traces of your family, to start over…

“A Trip is an experience you can only  far away from Home”.

But besides the experiential side, there is also an economical advantage behind my assertion.

A longer trip can cost much less than a short one

If you have time, the longer you’ll stop in the same location, the more you’ll be able to cut down on the cost of the trip. An all-inclusive package of a couple of weeks at an intercontinental destination can cost a few grands, but a DIY (do it yourself) trip to the same destination could last one or more months with the same amount or less!

For example, the cost of one night at a hostel can be priced between 10 and 30 bucks per night depending on the country, season and  location; but renting a room in a shared house can cost between 200 and 300 bucks per month, and you avoid sleeping in a dorm!

And believe me, I ended up living also in some really fancy houses…


A white retro bike and some kitesurfing gear in front of my dutch house
My place in Holland was a 5 min ride from the beach and included this beauty. Zandvoort, Netherlands.

 Finding rooms to rent even for just a month is easier than you may think, and the cost of the bills is normally not expensive. And if you split the room with another person, this will dramatically lower your expenses!

Moreover, spending a longer period in one place will allow you to get to know it for real, understand its culture, mingle with the locals and have access to the rates for residents. It is less expensive than being constantly on the move, and infinitely more comfortable than living in a Van for example.

A house in the woods
You could end up living in a place like this… Somewhere, New Zealand.

Make a “Basecamp” for yourself

One of the travel hacks I use when traveling for a long time is to set up a “base camp” for myself. I choose a place to settle and make my “home”, where I can plan the rest of the trip, get to know people and possibly work (and Surf). From there, I move for shorter trips of few days or weeks within the main journey, with the convenience of being able to leave behind part of my belongings, and with the good feeling of having a roof and finding a few friends when I return.

Some places I’ve previously selected as a “base camp” in the world are:

  • Australia: Sydneyand Coolangatta on the East Coast, Margaret River on the West Coast.
  • Bali: Bingin Beach
  • Canary Islands: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • New Zealand: Raglan
  • Netherlands: Zandvoort

But be careful: if you find yourself stuck in a place for too long, it might mean that you’re not traveling anymore, but rather that you’ve found a new home…


I’m aware that what I wrote above is not be viable for everybody, since not everyone has the opportunity or the desire to quit everything and leave; but there are still other ways to save on accommodation while traveling. If you want to get to know more about the methods I tried to save on housing expenses along my journey, click to read the related article.

If the cover of this article reminded you of the need for a new calendar for this year, I recommend this one, as Its motivational quotes could inspire you.

Travel tips:

  1. A Long Journey can be cheaper than a short one
  2. Try to organize your trip by yourself. If you’ve never done it before, ask for advice from someone who’s a travel savvy.
  3. Consider the chance to establish a “base camp” from where you can plan and start the rest of the trip.             
  4. If you’re staying in a hostel, you can ask for weekly (or monthly) rates to save  on your accommodation costs.
  5. Finding a room in a shared house, even for just a month, can be easier than you might think. It’s the most convenient and comfortable solution if you don’t plan to be constantly on the move.
  6. If you stop in a place, you will also have the chance to work and save some money to keep yougoing with your travels.



The pic of the Dutch house shows my place in Zandvoort, I took it.

The picture of the house in the woods is by Giampy.

Calendar pic by Malavita S.

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